# Tracking

# What is tracking?

Tracking helps you automatically send seen/read anime/manga episodes/chapters to supported trackers, so you can keep track of what and when you watch/read it.

Tracking is currently supported on MyAnimeList (opens new window), Anilist (opens new window), Kitsu (opens new window), Shikimori (opens new window), and Bangumi (opens new window)

  • Tracking must be done manually for every anime/manga.
  • You must watch specified percentage(set in Player Settings) of episode to mark the episode as seen and track it or read the last page of a chapter to mark the chapter as read and track it.
  • You can manually set the episode/chapter by tapping on the number and then entering the number in or dragging the ticker up or down.
  • After being offline, the tracker will not sync the last read chapter, even after going back online.
  • Tracking is one-way. Meaning updating status in Aniyomi will update the tracker, but updating status in the tracker will not update Aniyomi.

Unattended tracking is also supported for Komga (opens new window), and works a bit differently from other trackers:

  • You don't need to login into the tracker, it uses the credentials from your Komga extension.
  • Tracking is done automatically, you don't have to search and bind every manga.
  • Tracking only works for the Komga sources.
  • Tracking is two-way, and local chapters will be marked as read.
  • You must read the last page of a chapter to mark the chapter as read and track it.
  • If you mark a chapter as read manually, the tracker will not be updated right away. You can update the tracker status on the server-side by opening the tracker sheet.
  • You can configure Aniyomi to automatically track manga when adding to the library. Goto More → Settings → Tracking → Track silently when adding manga to the library

# How do I login into trackers?


  1. Go to
    to Login
  2. Tap the tracker you would like to login to. It will automatically open the browser and lead you through the login process.

# How do I set up tracking for each anime/manga?


  1. Tap the anime/manga
  2. Tap the
  3. Tap "Add tracking" to add the anime/manga to the tracker
    • Optional: You can change the search query

# How do I log in with Kitsu?

To log in with Kitsu, you need to use your email address as your username.

# Why am I unable to find a anime/manga in MAL's search results?

If you cannot find a anime/manga by name, you can look it up on MAL and then search for it in Aniyomi using the following format: id:<id from anime/manga URL>. You can also search for a anime/manga on your MAL profile list by searching in the following format: my:<anime/manga name>.

Related GitHub issue: #65 (opens new window)

# How do I see which anime/manga I have or have not tracked in my library?

Go to

Anime Library /
Manga Library
→ Tap
on the top right → Go to the Filter tab and toggle Tracked. If you are logged into more than one tracker, toggle the tracker you want to include or exclude.